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Short essay on the Presidential Form of Government

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The State governments do not enjoy stability. Chief Ministers have to be changed very often. Caste and communal factors are playing havoc with national integration. The Prime Minister has to…

Essay on Prestige, Esteem and Rank

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The judgement of the statuses is so important that some may feel hurt if their ‘status’ is not properly recognised. Because, people give much importance to the prestige associated with…

Short essay on The Importance of Discipline

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History tells us that whenever a country is torsi by internal strife, its morale drops and opportunist neighbour often takes advantage of the situation. However, discipline does not mean negation…

Short essay on AcquiredImmune’ Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

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Following symptoms may appear single or in combination with others or may be altogether suppressed: significant and unexplainable loss of weight, cough with thick sputum, persistent watery diarrhea, swollen glands…

Essay on Panics and Mass Hysteria

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2. “Panic is an attempt to flee from an imagined or real threat”— Wallace and Wallace. In the event of panic, people’s behaviour is uncoordinated, because co-operative social rela­tions breakdown.…

Invention according to the patents act – Essay

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A patent can be obtained only for an invention which is new and useful. The invention must relate to a machine, article or substance produced by manufacture, or the process…