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Short Essay on the relationship between Magic and Religion

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The magic-religious rites are not for any celebration but for averting or dislodging the visiting evil. The magical practices relating to hunting have certain rites which help in the easy killing of the ani­mal. Sometimes, the entire hunting performance is done in a ritualistic dance, wearing some part of the animal’s skin. It clearly shows that magic is related to religion.

There are field reports from Malinowski and Leach which establish that magic is used for successful attainment of goals. For instance, Malinowski reports that when a fisherman sails on the currents of the sea, he applies magic and believes that his boat would not meet any tragedy.

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The Trobrianders also practise magic to win the heart of their beloved. Durkheim, who is the founder of the sociology of religion, does not see any difference in religion and magic. For him, both the practices are meant to attain certain objec­tives.


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