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Outcome of the defeat of Marathas are as follows

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Apart from the Marathas the battle exercised tremendous influence on the fortunes the Mughal Empire which further weakened both politically as well as economically.

Moreover, the prestige of the Mughal ruler further dwindled. Abdali annexed Punjab and Sindh to his dominions.

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Before his departure he recognized Shah Alain as the Emperor, Imad as the Wazir and Najib-ud-Daulah as the Mir Bakshi.

After Abdali’s departure, Najib-ud-Daulah held authority at Delhi and denied Shah Alam the right of admission into the capital.

Rajputs and Jats became completely independent and the provincial governors became more defiant and disrespectful.

Therefore, it is generally accepted that third Battle of Panipat was a turning point in the history of India in general and that of the Marathas in particular.

Though the Maratha power was not destroyed by this battle, it was weakened permanently.


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