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Other trading companies during 16th century in India

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However they gave more attention to the spice trade with Indonesia and South East Asia and shifted their focus to that region.

Danish East India Company arrived in India in 1616 to gain a share of the East India trade. Its principal Indian possessions being Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu and Serampore in Bengal.

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It enjoyed great prosperity in India until the advance of British power there in the late 18th century.

French East India Company was established in 1664. The company founded its first trading post at Surat in 1675.

The following year it set up its principal Indian base at Pondicherry, on the Coromandel Coast.

The company prospered in India under governorship of Dumas and Dupleix. However due to weak fundamentals, inadequate support from home etc. they were tamed and vanquish in India by their superior opponent in India i.e. English East India Company.


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